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3D Printed Floorplan (Add-On ONLY)

$200.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price

One item per suite (not including penthouses)

Call for rates for non-appartments (homes, penthouses, commercial spaces, etc.)

Call for rates for model sizes larger than can fit in a 220mmx220mmx250mm space

Call for rates for mixed color prints, for colors not listed here or materials other than PLA/PLA+

Doors become open slits and windows are not printed without Doors/Windows option

Doors/Windows option give you swingable doors and cutouts where windows are

Furniture option gets you a standard pack of furniture and other props of standard size that tenants can move around the space to see how everything fits for themselves without measuring (items like all sizes of bed, desks, multiple sizes of dining room table, kitchen cart, multiple sizes of couch, shelves, tv and tv stand, lamps, chests, etc.)

You get undressed 3D model used to print along with your 3D print

Model Color
Furniture/ Props Color (if applicable)
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