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Matterport 3D Tour (Non-Commercial Residential)

Matterport 3D Tour (Non-Commercial Residential)

500 Square feet

    Note: If you need to scan a non-residential property (restaurant, construction site, attraction, etc.), check out our commercial scanning product here.

    • Add one item to your cart for every 500 ft^2 you need to scan.
      • Example: If you need to scan a 2,400 ft^2 single family home, you need to set your Quantity to 5 (2,500 ft^2 total)
    • Select the correct property size category to get the best rate for you.
    • Input the address of the property.

    Note: All Matterport scans come with 1 year of free Matterport cloud hosting that are usable on any platform. Beyond 1 year, you will be charged $100 for each additional year of hosting.

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